Custom Solutions

C3D Studio - Visual 5D Framework

C3D Studio is a 3D based visual framework for developing visual project control solutions for construction projects. C3D Studio provides a dynamic link between the 3D model...

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C3D Studio @ Pearl GTL Project

The Pearl GTL Project is currently the largest on-going construction project in the world. A project with this magnitude requires efficient, intelligent, and agile information systems...

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C3D Planner - 5D Construction

C3D planner is a 3D Software Solution to Plan Construction Site Activities in line with the project Schedule, material and resource availability, as well as spatial constraints...

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Mission Statement

To set the standards of 3D Based construction project controls

Our Commitment

C3D will provide the most reliable software Solutions taking digital construction to newer dimensions. C3D will lead you from Envision to Vision.

  • Create a community of 3D Based construction softwares
  • Achieve utmost customer satisfaction
  • Employ innovation throughout the process of creating customizable 3D solutions
  • Develop high performance standards in 3D software applications


Who we Are

CCT Logo

CCT develops immersive business solutions that proved competent within a short period; our line of business ranges from the development of 3D based integrated project controls to the delivery of creative ECM / BPM solutions. CCT is not developing simple 3D applications; rather it has developed a 5D framework, which includes 3D tools and development platform as well as other applications that integrate with the framework.